Thru Log

I'm taking things out of Joplin, there's some okay stuff there, I don't think I need to transfer everything over to vimwiki.

I'm wondering what I should put in Bug Bounty Methodology, hmmmm?!

Thu 17 Sep 2020 07:57:51 PM AKDT

.Wiki/personal into git repo's. Probably two?

link to the wiki.

website repo, on github.


  1. Initiallized the repo:
        git init
        git add
        git commit -m "first commit"
        keybase git create techwiki
        git remote add origin keybase://private/rabbitear/techwiki
        git push -u origin master

I'm thinking that it needs to be public? But I will be the only one pushing and pulling it, so I have the ablity to do that since keybase is always locally stored on my machines.