Yay, Created a Tech diary!

Today is: Wed 16 Sep 2020 05:12:22 PM AKDT

A New Wiki

The Plan


  1. Set up a completely blank vimwiki/journal
  2. Think about picuture and screenshot script to put into vimwiki
  3. Start moving eveything into the new tech and personal wiki
  4. Setup, everything to go into HTML


Wed 16 Sep 2020 06:32:27 PM AKDT

Some Thoughts

vimwiki workflow stories

Going thru the HTML version, I found that they are just all snippets of code. I'm rethinking this, and want to make it more into a blog mode style.

I should tell stories, like it's to another person/user. This will make me want to read the wiki again, because its more fun to read stories. Even if the information (code) gets out dated, at least I have my thought processes.

I should not worry about the index'ing so much, but have clear unique full stories on what I've encounted. Again, I don't have to worry about the order of things because, the wiki is all in one directory anyway.

There should be a images or pictures directory, and I might want a script that will automaticly import screen shots into the directory, maybe even resize them, and also add the lines of text into the wiki or journal, as I am inside vim.

I could also do the same for PDF files. A directory, then I import those with a script.

I should also look in Joplin and get some feature ideas from it. I don't really use it, so maybe switch it to vimwiki. Also I like Joplins website ripping capiblities. TODO">TODO">TODO.

So the gist is, it should be bottom up into the index. Where I write one article, then I figure out where it is suppose to go. And I can use multiple tags, if that article contains more than one topic, stuch as it's bash, linux, and networking, and wifi.

Thoughts after sleep


I've been thinking about keeping the vimwiki format, instead of the markdown. There are some tools like tagbar that can make better use of the vimwiki format. I think one of the benfits of markdown is that it handles pictures better.

Feature Vimwiki markdown

If I got vimwiki, then I need to look around about how tagbar works. It will be easier than going to markdown.


Vimwikisearchtags is slow and doesn't run quickbuffer.


stories failures

Last night I compiled/installed coc.nvim successfully, with kreator's account, and I assumed it would be a global fix, but it wasn't appearently. Juice has the exact same issues as we did yesterday with coc.nvim. This is why we need to wrote things down!


I'm using the default vimwiki style. I'll have 2 wiki's a tech one, that can be public and a personal one that is private