Unlock PDF files (strips 3rd party JS):

qpdf --qdf input.pdf output.pdf
acroread output.pdf # unlock, print-to-file output.ps
ps2pdf output.ps # output.pdf is now unlocked

Another Unlock Method:

acroread output.pdf # unlock, print-to-file output.ps
sed "/mark currentfile eexec/,/cleartomark/ d" output.ps | \
ps2pdf - output.pdf

Brute force password (not for 3rd party JS locks):

pdfcrack -n 9 input.pdf

GoogleDrive will unlock PDF files, there is a size limit of 2MB.

Ghostscripts GSView: rename file from PDF to PS and try to open it, then save the file back to PDF.

To put txt into pdf the util called text2pdf worked found at: http://www.eprg.org/pdfcorner/text2pdf/ To join pdf's together use pdfunite

pdfunite in-1.pdf in-2.pdf in-3.pdf OUT.pdf