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Installing Cooler Master 120m AIO

08 Mar 2021

My build out of older parts I had:

  • Intel Xeno e3-1260l server cpu (fits in LGA 1155 socket)
  • 16 gigs ddr3 RAM, clocked at 1333mhz.
  • EVGA 500 watt bronze plus ATX power supply

I recently purchased:

  • Cooler Master Elite 130 mini-itx case, from Amazon, $57.99
  • Foxconn H67S motherboard, from eBay, $50.00

The cpu fan was loud so replacement:

  • Cooler Master ML120L RGB v2, Close-Loop AIO, from Amazon $64.99

I had a cooler master regular cpu fan, which was good, but it was loud, around 24 dbm, according to specs. I figure I want my ears to be able to work when I get older, so invested in what might be quieter liquid cooling. Below is a photo shoot of some of the re-build with the new cooler. Have a great day:

Photo1 Photo2 Photo3 Photo4 Photo5 Photo6 Photo7 Photo8 Photo9 Photo10 Photo11 Photo12 Photo13 Photo14 Photo15 Photo16 Photo17 Photo18 Photo19 Photo20 Photo21 Photo22 Photo23 Photo24