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07 Feb 2021

Game plan


  • [✓] Read primer on Jekyll
  • [✓] Read how Fedora should handle rubygems - What does bundler do?
  • [○] Do it


  • Q: Do I really need to use the github recommended version of the gems?
  • A: Should, or the site might look weird.

Jekyll with Github Pages

0) gem install jekyll bundler <– this is WRONG, all I have to do is install bundler somehow.

1) Then I make a Gemfile, inside the repo: bundler init will make a simple Gemfile, then I can add to it: gem "github-pages", "~> VERSION", group: :jekyll_plugins Look up on the github jekyll dependences site the VERSION number, which at the time was 211, at:

2) be in the repo and: bundler install this will install the correct versions of things, because of the “github-pages” gem being in the Gemfile.

3) Run it bundler exec jekyll serve, Site is served at by default, changes made while the server is on, will automaticly be updated.

Configuration of Jekyll

Configuration happens in _config.yaml file. Ex of the file:

title: My Cute Jekyll Blog
description: >-
  This is my cute jekyll blog. I post some awesome stuff every day.
baseurl: ""
url: ""
twitter_username: MyCuteJekyllBlog
github_username:  MyCuteJekyllBlog

When editing the config.yaml file, you MUST _restart the server.

Creating Posts in Jekyll

All posts have the filename format of, ex: All posts start with a yaml syntax called Front Matter, code/text between three dashs, ex:

layout: post
title: Best Tools for Remote Teams
bestTool: SomeTool

Posts are to be put in the _posts directory. These are variables in jekyll, some are preexisting, others, you can make new, to use in your post. Every post must have a layout var. You can use the bestTool variable with:

instead the post.


Other Jekyll Things to Try

Privacy focused commenting: nice blog on what’s all in jekyell:

Github Actions and Jekyll: From gh marketplace: