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iMac networking (or gentoo DNS)

22 Sep 2009

It is not 1:08 AM.   The file sharing is working, let me say something first here.  Basically the only thing I am learning is to read the logs period, as well as read the read documentation for whatever it is I'm trying to do, thinking of 'cups' now.

I have spent minutes, hours, days with cups and samba, I'm not sure which is more.  I just now started to read the cups log, and I see what is happening now.  I'm not going to fix it tonight, I'm just baffled at myself for, still trying not to do things the right way.  So cups is yet to be fully functioning how I would like.  YET!

On the positive side the file sharing is working, and that had to do with the DNS.  The dnsmasq, and also more the dhcpcd is misconfigured.  I got around that via adding the ISP's DNS servers to the local machine for now.  Which is okay, this network is not that big.  Here's a screen shot, just because screen shots are cool :)  

Man my back hurts a little bit, time for a better chair situation soon :)  Peace have a nice night, and remember to READ, DUH, didn't you learn that somewhere? :)