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Welcome :)

06 Nov 2007

Welcome To Rabbitear's blog!

I drink beer, and love only linuxie things. Learned C before high school, and attempt to keep myself out of any depression in the winter time by doing projects. Sometimes computer related. :)
Below is the back of one of them, its just an itx, power supply and hard drive in a store bought bread box basket thing that a female would be looking at to decorate the bookshelf.

800mhz Via C3 CPU, with some ram, good light serving of anything, printers, access point, files, etc. Its quiet, with a almost noiceless fan, unless you throw in a noisey harddrive, you don't notice its on.
Everybody probably has done something like this, but the box in the picture is the 3rd try. Before the same hardware was in a hand sawed, rough cut, hacked up, wood scraps box, the screws stuck out and ruined the table, and before that a small card board box. I can't find a picture of that wood case box, or the card board case box, so here is a picture of me: