Always hacking at something, rabbitear's thoughts and notes about free software, computer security, and the random.

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Welcome to:, I am rabbitear. I've been a computer geek my entire life, and working on Linux and free software since 1997.

Security research is my focus, finding software and networking protocol bugs. Learned C when I was 15 years old, now try to keep my head buried in the awe inspiring Python language. Lately I sideline in lightweight web development and online advertising to help Anchorage local businesses.

If you are interested in this geeky stuff, need a partner to learn and code with, build something new, have me audit your online security of your business, research a specific software, or just chat about nothing, drop me a note. Always welcome a good chat :) You can find me usually in irc at freenode, at twitter account @rabbitear, check out some of my code on my github, or ssh into my bbs, at now that's been up (and down) since 1999.